Competition Season 29 Words With manang!

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Aug 17, 2009
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Salutations, our esteemed contemporaries. Welcome to Stage 2 of the strategic engagement platform 'WORDS with manang'.

Far from being simply ‘media for the sake of media’, I have once more taken the step of challenging you - the good (if not slightly vocabulary-challenged) posters of the SFA - to further my strong underlying social cause.

You see, I maintain concerns about the abuse and misuse of the typed word in this corner of the internet.

I could not help but notice that the delicately weighted value placed on each individual word being typed is gravely impacted by an unyielding cultural norm attached to ‘shitposting’ or ‘spamming’. The use of ellipses and unnecessary apostrophes have been completely out of control.

As old mate Voltaire once wrote on an online fantasy sports forum, “The secret of being boring is to say everything". I get it. Aristotle himself was a pioneer of shitposting…

So; why bother writing 2-3 beautifully constructed sentences when you can multi-post using 2-3 words at a time? Right?


This is why I am once again putting up a challenge for all of you. It is open to anyone who is willing to broaden their lexicon; anyone who is brave enough to strive to improve; anyone who is aroused by a perfectly constructed sentence or diverse vocabulary.

Collectively, we can seek to improve wordsmithery in the SFA (even if but by the smallest of degrees).

So what am I proferring here? Read below for the requisite elucidation:
  • The first part is simplest of all. Sign up in this thread and I'll put you on my ‘list’ of participants.
  • For the remaining two rounds (starting R14), I will allocate a challenge via PM to everyone on our list.
  • Specifically, I will select a particularly lovely word for you to use in match posting and around the SFA to help grow our collective vocabulary.
  • The use of your word will come with some instructions. You are to follow the instructions I give you in your PM, and these instructions are to remain hidden from others taking part in the challenge.
  • While following your instructions and using your given word in your match thread posting and posting around the league, your objective is to not have your word identified by other players. There will be rules around how you can cover your tracks here.
  • Concurrently, an additional challenge will be for you to identify the word I may have given to other participants. If you think you've spotted a word we've given someone else, let me know in our PM.
How do we find a winner? Well, it's quite rudimentary:
  • Get through the week without your word being guessed by others - you get 5 WORDPOINTS
  • Be the first to guess someone else's word - you get 1 WORDPOINT
The player who follows their rules through Rounds 14 and 15 and earns the greatest number of WORDPOINTS™ will be much-lauded and most assuredly recognised as an esteemed purveyor of fine prose.

Who among you are up for the challenge? Who would like to commit (if even for a short time) to the betterment of the posting in this league?

Sign up below and join!


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