Official Match Thread Season 37 Round 10 - Gumbies FFC v Coney Island Warriors @ The House of Gumby

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Feb 4, 2009
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Last Time they Met: Season 36 Round 11 Coney Island Warriors (23.11.149) Defeated Gumbies FFC (7.5.47)
Welcome one and all, in what is expected to be a thrilling game between 12th vs 6th.

If truth be known, I was actually slightly (heavily) intoxicated when I wrote these match threads and vowed that Sober Bov wasn't allowed near them (he's a square!).

What do we really know about these two teams? That's a great question. I feel it's only fair to allow drunk Bov to answer this! "Yeah thanks sober Bov. Well let's start with Gumbies. I mean what he hell is a Gumby anyway? Can you eat them? Are they chewy? will they go well with this beer? I think after these 8 beers any team in the SFA could be eaten if the right circumstances present themselves. But enough about eating them, let's have some more beer! Yep That's much better. From memory the Gumbies are generally a fun team to play against with their tasty style of play and yummy leadership group led by no other than Falconista. They are a smorgasbord of talent. I once asked Bruce McAvaney his thoughts on the Gumbies and his response was Delicious. I couldn't sgree more with you Bruce! For those playing at home Round 9 saw 6th placed Gumbies 19.16 (130) defeat 12th place Wonders 15.7 (97)

Gee we at least know Tonga Bob and his fellow team mates at The Warriors aren't edible because Lord knows where they've been. Even a truck load of gravy isn't going to make them tempting! but I've always found these guys a mixed bag. It's a team who I find come and go in waves in regard to a match day presence. They definitely have the cattle to compete in a battle of words and for the most part like a bit of a laugh! Round 9 Saw The warriors (12th) locked into battle with the bye and from all accounts it was the most amazing game they've played all season.

Anyway teams Good luck and cheers for an Easter weekend of drinking. I have a feeling Sober Bov is not going to be happy when he reads this. Perhaps we just keep this to ourselves!"

Oh and big shout out to Grav for the match thread image!
Hi Gumbies. We come bearing gifts.

My Team Losing GIF by Fargo

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Are you on the bandwagon this week BAT? You're always welcome.

Hello Gumbies. We're coming off our best result in ages so look out!
Did someone win the meat raffle at their local?

Also, hello too to the non root vegetable Warriors.

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PS Aucklander, the Coney Island Warriors are very different to the New Zealand Warriors.


On paper, things seem similar as two sides awaiting a maiden premiership with the league/qooty world seeming to conspire against them at times. However when we delve a bit deeper, it's clear there are big differences.

One is HARD and has players like Ruben Wiki making opposition players squirm. The other has Dinsdale.

One has the undeniably SEXY Shaun Johnson who has hearts fluttering all over Australasia and the Pacific. Tonga Bob puts up a fight for the Coney Island version but it doesn't matter how much Goose fat Lunch-lady Doris greases you up with, SJ has you covered.

So the NZ 'Wahs' are hard and sexy, meanwhile the Coney Island 'Wazzas' are our opponents this week.
Why is it a big week?
A few reasons:
  • A couple of big milestones will see 11 become 13;
  • We continue the ascent to back-to-back premierships;
  • It's just been Easter so many of the team may be playing with a bigger skinfold test number.
Hello Warriors. I see you are the meat in a s**t sandwich at the bottom of the ladder. How are you enjoying your season so far? (he says in round 10)
Getting more and more excited for the commencement of S38 with each passing round.
Welcome Warriors! looks like the rollercoasters have been out of operation so far this season, but I look forward to a great week
Doge Dogecoin GIF by Shibetoshi Nakamoto

Upswings not yet included

edit: gah, thought that was a potato riding the 'coaster on my phone. Apparently it's a coin :thumbsdownv1:
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