Official Match Thread Season 37 Round 11 - Gumbies FFC vs Dragons FFC

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Gumbies had 17 free kicks and I got 8 of them


Me with 3... So what was stopping our teammates

Meanwhile, of our 18 frees against, it was GWS Goose who gave away 6 of them - wonder what he said to the umpires pre-match 😂
Thanks for the week Dragons, any thanks philreich for posting today's game

glee help GIF
Bad luck, Dragons. We had our moments and certainly gave it our best but came up just short in the end.

Greenery led from the front all day as skipper and had good support from freo84 while PhenomenalV1 also contributed well on the day. Special mention to Bonz who kicked another bag, as did BringBackTheAnchor while Hatchy1992 also hit the scoreboard a couple of times to keep things ticking along.

Not the best result but we are not far off and hopefully things will turn around soon. :thumbsu:

Go Dragons!! :thumbsu:

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