Official Match Thread Season 37 Round 13 - Gumbies FFC v Sin City Swamprats at The House of Gumby [MOTR]

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Hello all and welcome to the thirteenth round of the thirty seventh season of the Sweet FA, I’m your host Chef Bob coming to you live from the House of Gumby. This week we see the Gumbies host the Sin City Swampratsin a match that will certainly go down in history as an example of simulated football. Qooty I believe they call it. Odd looking concept, but there’s something about it. Almost hypnotic. Tell you what I like though, and that’s scran.

“What the heck is scran anyway, Chef Bob?” I hear you type. A fair and relevant question it is too. It has a few different yet related meanings, but the most common one refers to food of questionable quality. Originating in the north of England and Scotland, it has been popularised in recent times when describing fast food served at sporting venues. And today friends I hijack this week’s match thread opening posts by bringing to you several examples of the food served up at qooty grounds around Sweet, this time from the House of Gumby.

Sweet, I give to you…


In the north of Sweet sits Gumbania, which is quite the coincidence as that’s where the House of Gumby is, and the House of Gumby is where I am right now. As we all know, Gumby is made of plasticine so it stands to reason that not only is the House of Gumby made of plastic (it’s technically a bouncy castle) but the scran they serve at the House of Gumby has the same texture. Like their Rubber Glizzy (CM11.95):


Their Ricochet Rissoles & Soylent Green (CM26.95):


And their deconstructed Play-Doh Burger (CM15.95):


Chef Bob’s Scran Rating:


Regarding the qooty, the Swamprats are 2nd on the ladder with a record of 7 & 4 and the Gumbies are 4th on the ladder with a record of 6 & 5 so let’s go with that sure why not – Swamprats by 2.

Players to watch out for are [checks notes] damicky philreich okeydoke7 cats_09 GWS Goose & Chat Pile.

Captains please do the needful before midnight WA Bias time this coming Friday 1.

Bon Appétit, friends!​

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Oh and hi Gumbies!
No hi to you.

Hi GWS Goose 👋🏼

Have you met our Rookie My Cotchin Rules ?
I have not, but look forward to meeting this up and coming swamp rat.
When I inevitably take over the rookie awards this year, I will utilise this weeks interactions to determine whether I anoint him.

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Another one of my former clubs set to lose at the hands of the Swamprats machine, ably led by the milestone man jackster83
In the spirit of compromise, I hope Jackster plays on the me and has a day out but... the Gumbies win the match and take away the four premiership points.
Gumbies, allow me to be serious for a moment.

Commiserations on the passing of miggs, he was a good guy, despite the company he kept.

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