Official Match Thread Season 37 Round 16 - Las Vegas Bears v Dragons FFC at The Stadium in the Sky

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Qooty Commentary File - QOOTY (Quick Footy) Version 10.5
Qooty Website -

Match commencing shortly ... LVB v DRA

Rich (BB code):
RookiePick                  JoshWoodenSpoon          Tommycash
Bradesmaen                  Bonz                     Supersuns

Senor M                     Chipmunk                 tony
Hatchy1992                  Drizzy                   Knifey Spoony

Matera92                    Art Vandelay_            RonnieRaven
Purple Jesus                big_icky                 PhenomenalV1

Shadow Man                  JoseMourinho             Electronic_Renaissance
DragoDelph                  serial_thrilla           Blaze Storm

MWPP                        Cap                      Dingster
pK75                        T2B_                     Chief

LVB Foll : Test Tickle, Millky95, Tandy
DRA Foll : Pie 4 Life, Greenery, Ligma

LVB INT : kane249, I Dont Care
DRA INT : freo84, Ljp86

LAS VEGAS BEARS: Art Vandelay_ RonnieRaven Test Tickle Millky95 Tandy
DRAGONS FFC: Purple Jesus

[RD 16], Conditions for this match - WARM

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