Official Match Thread Season 37 Round 20 - Dragons FFC v Gumbies FFC @ Ljp86's Lair

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Who won the mobbs?????

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Usually Phil has another 6 games he posts at the same time.

Either that or he's forgotten about us and gone out!
In this instance my wife came home and wanted to talk - geez when she gets going, it's hard to stop her. She was on the phone for more than an hour last week: nothing unusual about that, except for the fact that it was a wrong number.
So we have to come back next week?

I mean, I barely showed up this week, but still..
This is a fair result.
A huge reward for you for winning, and a punishment for us for losing.

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Great win Dragons!! A solid win in the end with a superb opening three quarters before easing home in the last term. Pie 4 Life turned back the clock with a stellar performance with able support from Greenery and Ligma while big_icky, Purple Jesus, Knifey Spoony, Blaze Storm and PhenomenalV1 all contributed strongly on the day.

Bonz was immense up forward with six goals with the remainder of the goalkickers spread amongst a number of players which was a real team effort.

Nice to claim victory and earn ourselves a finals spot with a home final against the Gumbies ironically next week, a game we will need to make sure we are ready for. :thumbsu:

Go Dragons!! :thumbsu:

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