Review Second Elimination Final – GWS Giants vs Western Bulldogs, Saturday 7th September 2019, Giants Stadium, 3.20pm

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Senior List
Aug 11, 2005
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
We'll deserved win by your mob today. Much harder at it than the dogs.

I don't buy into the comments about the umpiring. There was clearly an emphasis on physicality and in doing so you gave away some free kicks. You also kicked the ball out on the full quite a few times.

Other than than that the Giants really showed a hardness today I haven't seen from them before. They played the game on their terms and gave the dogs no space.

I hate and love Toby Greene at the same time. I only hate him because he's so damn good.

Tip of the hat to you.

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Andre the Giant

Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 20, 2012
Melbourne, VIC
AFL Club
Without going through the actual stats but Whitfield was immense again. Every week he is proving how valuable he is and in my opinion the most valuable player in the comp.

Thought Brent Daniels was amazing today, he is so busy and I reckon his GPS would be off the charts. He still doesn’t finish his chances but I think that will come, he runs so hard he could almost play in the midfield but love him up forward with his disruption, he’s our little Poppy.

Finlayson was really good, he looks like he’s got a big game temperament. Perryman is such a natural footballer and plays so smart, no wonder he’s a favourite with the coaches.

Hopper was really solid but more importantly released Taranto who was immense and is another that looks a big game player.

Special shout out to Mummy who was menacing today. The Dirty Dogs will have a decent dry cleaning bill tonight with skid marks on every set of jocks. He and Toby set the tempo and bullied that mob off the park. De Boer rode Bont better than his girlfriend, he was a human glove and tortured him all game.

All in all a great win and wonderful team performance!

Now to do it again!

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