Game Day Semi Final - Carlton V Brisbane - Princes Park - Sunday 22nd March 1:10pm

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Norm Smith Medallist
May 1, 2016
AFL Club
I've rewatched our game against Melbourne again, in the warmup to tonight.

I know next to nothing about Brisbane, but the way we beat Melbourne is largely down to pressure and aggression. They were better around the ball, and had arguably better structures coupled with some genuinely good players; we were much, much harder at it, and we spent all game smashing them. You could see it just before half time, we were hitting them and hitting them, bump after bump then a tackle slamming you into the ground. At around that point, they stopped trying to take on the tackler, and started backing away, shieing away from contact and treating the ball as a hot potato. They had plenty of opportunities going forward after half time, but they kept burning them because they felt like they had to get rid of it immediately.

All of our girls sought to make sure their presence was felt, but we didn't go too far; Loynes could've absolutely pulverized someone in the second term, in the centre square, but at the last second she changed her point of impact from head to leg, and her Melbourne opponent came off with a corkie. Speaks volumes for her character; many people under such conditions get swept up, and in the moment just go ahead and hurt someone.

Where this came into real play was ahead of the ball. We broke their backline, running at them and forcing the ball back in over and over again, precious few stoppages to get a breath in. We scored at least half of our goals due to repeat entries, and forcing them into making mistakes and pouncing.

All I want to see is this against Brisbane. One could wish for marginally better disposal, but I want us to hunt them, and to force mistakes rather than rely on pristine footy. We have the quality in the list, but a hard head and a working ethic trumps talent in footy most of the time.


Jan 16, 2016
AFL Club
Other Teams
Unchanged selected team is:
Backs:6. Gab Pound20. Charlotte Wilson
Half-backs:9. Kerryn Harrington8. Vaomua Laloifi25. Jess Edwards
Centreline:12. Lauren Brazzale15. Chloe Dalton10. Sarah Hosking
Half-forwards:21. Nicola Stevens7. Tayla Harris3. Darcy Vescio
Forwards:30. Alison Downie13. Lucy McEvoy
Followers:16. Breann Moody1. Grace Egan4. Madison Prespakis
Interchange:32. Natalie Plane2. Katie Loynes14. Brooke Walker
19. Georgia Gee11. Jess Hosking
Emergencies: 31. Brooke Vernon22. Courtney Jones

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