Game Day SEMI-FINAL: West Coast Eagles vs Geelong


Aug 10, 2009
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They needed to play better tonight, Gaff was solid but grubbered a lot of kicks, Shep made some uncharacteristic blues and Nic wasn't quite there, understandably as he is short of a run but none of them were great.

True, but we shouldn't have been playing in a knock-out final in week 2 in the first place if the team actually showed hunger during the year.

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Jun 2, 2008
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Can people stop blaming Rioli and keep the blame on the round 23 debacle? We wouldn't even be playing tonight if we didn't shit the bed against the Hawks.

Now they can focus their energies on what they ned to do to get Kelly.

Even though we finished 5th and were top 4 for almost the whole year, it felt like a year where we didn't even get out of second gear. Hope the guys have a nice long relaxing break now, get their bodies and minds right, and hit the pre season.


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May 20, 2017
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West Coast
Thought he had a great game tbh. He got a goal and him and darling helped each other. Unlucky about the block. But they synced well and have great synergy
Ditto. Midfield was the problem tonight.
Shuey was shot early.
Maston tried but he's not skilled enough.
Redden was immense but was carrying the engine room.
Gaff not enough.
Forward 50 entries were woeful and it sling shot back out repeatedly.
Defense was rattled too. Cats looked like getting a shot on goal at every entry (and just about did..)

Honestly felt lucky to be up at 3qtr time. So does feel like a predictable end result. Cats were better for longer.

Need to sort out our midfield next year. Kelly the simplest fix.


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Apr 29, 2005
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West Coast

showed balls to fight back considering all the Rioli stuff. Started flat which could be predicted....

Up at 3 qr time and run over. Have to wonder with NN plus then Petch late inclusion for our 2nd highest kms run...very costly


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Aug 14, 2004
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The running out of gas midway through the 3rd quarter became a recurring theme in the second half of the season and we again died in the ass after getting up by 7 points in the 3rd (kicked a point after that the rest of the way).

Thoughts on why? Taxing game plan? Lack of running depth?
Too tall, not enough midfield rotations to share the load. Simple as that.


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Mar 11, 2012
City of churches
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Lot of flat boys out there. Fix was in but the boys were gassed, even if we were given a fair shake you’d think Geelong would have broken it open late.

AFL House needing to put the GMHBA Finals discussion to bed, did so with aplomb.

Schoey telling Hawkins to fu** off is my spirit animal, let’s see them wriggle their way out of a suspension for that.
Hoping for a doctor's report to say he wouldn't be able to play for a month due to concussion. We get stitched up enough by other teams it would be nice to give one back.

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Jan 7, 2009
Sunshine coast
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Willie pi**ed our season away. With his talent and the absence of that distraction we would've won this. Geelong were beatable tonight.

Yes there were other factors, but percentages matter, and the team's collective mindset would more than likely have been slightly off tonight.

What a s**t end to the season.
We wouldn’t have won tonight with Willie in. Both Barass and Mc Govern have been average this year and were pretty bad tonight. We had a lot of passengers such as Waterman, Cripps, Kennedy, Masten and Hutchings. Even Shepherd was off his game a bit. The good thing is we now have an opportunity to bring some of the kids into the team. Kennedy must retire and Masten must go. Hutchings is depth. I don’t think the team selection was good tonight but can understand the reasons. Allen would have been better than Waterman and Cameron or Ah Chee would have been better than Hutchings. Next year I would assume both Kennedy and Masten will either be gone or playing WAFL. Time to bring Brander And Williams in as well as start to give games to O’Neill, Foley and maybe Ainsworth. Hopefully we can pick up some good mids as well but I do worry that Kelly will cost us too much.


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Sep 13, 2017
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West Coast
Geelong played well and deserved the win. I think the mindset in the 1st quarter was clearly affected by the weeks events, some very uncharacteristic blunders by reliable players
Very happy to see a good response and some heart in the next 2 quarters but Geelong were too good in the contest in the last and deserved the win. Danger gave Yeo a lesson, as much as I don't rate him as a bloke, he is a fantastic footballer.
That said, Richmond will beat them fairly soundly next week.


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Oct 10, 2007
London, UK
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Think we’re going to struggle next year. Big gap between the fading stars and their replacements coming through. We need new game plan for new look team.

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Kennedy? Provided very little for whole season imo.

Hurn might slow down another gear which would be the only one that really hurts

Not sure who else?

Naitanui played 4 games before finals and we should’ve made top 2

The wily weagle

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Oct 16, 2014
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West Coast
Simpson’s a great coach but they may need a ruthless nasty assistant coach. Have looked soft most year, talent has got them across the line, not many injuries. Big names like Gov Barrass Sheed have been disappointing compared last year.

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If Simpson cannot give those boys a bake after that, he never will.

He is so obsessed with being everyones buddy. And if He can't outsource the spray, he's screwed

And before everyone says "well, relationships are part of modern sport......"

Alistair Clarkson, sir Alex Ferguson, Bill Belechik, Vince Lombardi etc were all capable of delivering a bake when warranted

What does this tell you

Sustained success vs 1 time win


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 3, 2004
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Geelong really set up the win by shutting down McGovern's and Barrass's effectiveness in the air. Jett's fame went to his head and cost us goals, midfield intensity wasn't there in quarters 1 and 4. Basically the long and short of it all.

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