Senator Reynolds

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it seriously beggers belief .... especially as the commissioner oversaw direct questioning on the subject of 'unauthorised' information releases during the inquiry

its genuinely bizarre

I'd back Sofronoff to know what he is doing over the Chief Minister, who had stated the intention to delay publication & not release it in full.

Bizarre :thumbsu:
You should believe alleged rape victims if you call yourself a real man.
'It is quite possible that many in the media, and in the #metoo movement, would have made the same choices as Drumgold in the belief that there are times when noble ends justify foul means.'

You are the one needing to be 'a real man'.

As for the #metoo movement & your virtue seeking devotion to that cause, keep an eye out for Tom Molomby* KC's detailed study a case titled: #MeToo Could Be You, Too.
It will challenge you & your 'a real man'.:(


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A quick read of Sofronoffs Report relating to Senator Reynolds seems to offer fertile ground to suggest the NACC would make short work of any investigation into her complaint of the conduct of the Higgins pay out.

Not that taking out the boss (A/G Dreyfus) will make for an easy life though it does demonstrate an independence not available to its Victorian counterpart.

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