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Matthew 5:11
Aug 25, 2011
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Coney Island Warriors, SFFC, Hajduk

Please engage the soundtrack....

110 players, 10 matches and 16 days, and it all comes down to this.

South Australia, Series XIV champions, led by East Side Hawks champion spookism, have once again defied the odds to power their way into the decider, as they look to be the first side to go back to back since WA in Series V. But standing in their way is a rampant Vic Metro, led by fellow East Side Hawk and first time State of Origin captain NaturalDisaster, who have conquered all before them, blitzing their way through their first 3 matches to earn their place in the final, and into home ground advantage, with the decider to be played at the modern day Colosseum, the Melbourne Cricket Ground. It’s the incumbents vs the upstarts, the hunted vs the hunter. This is Qooty at it’s finest. This is State of Origin…

THIS, is the Series XV Grand Final.

After registering a crucial away win against their fellow Victorians to take their place in the Series XV decider, the Vic Metro side could be excused for going through the motions against the Allies on Monday, even though they managed a major comeback in the final quarter to push the Allies right to the last few minutes. Vic Metro has been the side to beat, and after coming off the bye in Round 1, they have barnstormed their way through the competition to charge their way into the final and having finished atop the standings, they have earned the right to a home ground advantage in the decider. With a cavalcade of stars and a dominant but evenly spread midfield, their high possession game has held them in great stead throughout the series, will it stand up in the final?

While defending champions South Australia had a more difficult path to the final, with a loss at the hands of Vic Country in Rd 1, who exacted revenge for their Series XIV final loss and a stumble along the way in Round 3, where they met their match against this rampaging Vic Metro side, they faced a nervous wait with the bye in Round 5, eventually making their way into the final thanks to a WA win over a bitterly disappointed Vic Country side. With the number one tap ruckman in the series, the leading possession winner and a twin towers attack responsible for 20 goals between them at their disposal, the South Australians will be hoping their key players’ individual brilliance will be enough to see them overpower this Vic Metro side to win their second championship in as many series.

Players to watch



The S28 EKA Medallist has proven the cream rises to the top in State of Origin qooty, as the rookie superstar and young Bears leader has enjoyed a scintillating first series of State of Origin. After a strong State of Origin debut against WA, he found some scintillating form in the big Metro win against South Australia,and has combined perfectly with teammates Tony Lynn 15 and Antonio BlueVein to form an irrepressible midfield combination. ABE is leading the series in DreamTeam points with 304 points from 4 games, having split his time between Ruck and Rover, and can expect a hard tag come Friday, with South Australia unlikely to leave anything to chance, with the dangerous Metro rookie just too hot to ignore.


Tony Lynn 15

The leading vote getter in the Series XV MVP Award with 6 votes to his name, Tony has consistently delivered for Metro when he's been most needed. Adjudged BOG in Round 1 against WA, he then backed that up with yet another BOG in Round 3, the last time these two sides met, as he has torn opposition midfields to pieces at the MCG in Series XV. Forming a dangerous midfield combination with Bombers teammates KohPhi and Antonio BlueVein, his 9 disposal effort in Series XIV against the South Australians would be a long distant memory. Loves a Grand Final and the big stage.


Antonio BlueVein

It;s been said before, but S28 rookies have made a massive impact in Series XV, and ABV sits comfortably in the best performed 2 or 3 players from their rookie crop. His Round 2 performance against WA made a statement, his 24 touches, 7 marks and a goal in his State of Origin debut was just a sign of things to come, as he has gone on to finish in the top 10 possession getters of the series, tied with AuntyBlindEye on 68 touches. Looks set to once again face off with S29 Bombers recruit, new teammate cadsky in arguably the most important match up of the match for both sides, the winner will likely give their side a huge advantage in the contest.



The leading possession getter amongst all qooty players here at Series XV, with his 80 disposals across 4 games unsurpassed, cadsky has stamped himself as a player on the rise in Series XV. With his off season move to Baghdad a fait accompli, he has played with the freedom and confidence afforded those who are settled with their qooty. The S28 rookie has fired where his much more credentialed teammates have failed, and in his SoO debut series, he has taken scalp after scalp to help drive an underrated South Australia all the way into the final and within grasp of a second straight series win here in Series XV. Can expect some close attention from the Metro side, as skipper NaturalDisaster and his Metro mids won't be leaving anything to chance in the decider.



The Series XV hitouts leading ruckman Golly has enjoyed a powerful return to State of Origin qooty, as the former vice captain has mixed his time between key forward and the ruck, seeing him form an important partnership with S28 Mobbs Medallist philreich. He lowered his colours the last time these two sides met back in Round 3, losing the hitouts and being well held by the ruck combination of Antonio BlueVein and PhenomenalV1. However he has been as dangerous as any ruckman in Series XV, and with a 4 goal, match winning effort in Round 4 against WA, South Australia will be hoping to once again rely on their star spiritual leader to give them another unlikely series victory here in Series XV.



Things just keep on getting better for the S28 Mobbs medallist. No one in qooty has had the 12 months he has enjoyed, arguably ever, as he has gone from Series XIV championship winning SoO player, to premiership glory and a Deestroy Medal with the Swamprats in S27, to an S28 Mobbs Medal, and caretaking captaincy of the Rats heading into S29 in Far Kern 's absence. Having starred in his newfound role as the spearhead of this impressive South Australian side, the new Swamprats skipper has formed an imposing partnership with key forward/ruck Golumless as the two sit 4th & 5th respectively on the goals tally for Series XV. Has kicked multiple bags this series, and looks set for yet another storied performance on the big stage and yet another accolade looks destined to come his way in 2020.


South Australia
in an upset, to win back to back series wins for the first time since WA back in Series S05. They’ll win by 29 points.

Captains, please have your teamsheets submitted in the teamsheet thread by midnight AWST on day 1 of each match thread.
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Mar 2, 2014
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Port Adelaide
This is unfolding exactly according to the script. Season 14: lose to one Victorian team in the minor round, but humiliate that team in the final. Season 15: lose to the other Victorian team in the minor round - time to humiliate them in the final.


Jul 16, 2015
Earth somewhere
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Nov 6, 2003
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Antonio BlueVein

Aug 21, 2009
The Bada Bing
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Was it ever in doubt team?
Never. Let's go back to back.

Is it too late to switch to Vic Metro?
Metro signs Harryzeroes
I'd like to say bad luck to the teams that didn't make it, but it wouldn't be sincere.

Back to back baby...

It’s the final against the barrel tossing plebs, let’s do the right thing and not let spookism become a two time premiership captain

Antonio BlueVein
Blaze Storm
Proper Gander
Tony Lynn 15
No sincerity when it comes to other teams.
I’d be more apathetic if I wasn’t so lethargic.
So poor you have to tag players into this prestigious event .......Oooohhh I get PhenomenalV1 :devil:
Shut up dickhead.

The South Australian's guys have chipped in to get something "cutting edge" to arrive at the ground for the GF.


View attachment 809135
The human tow ball.

That is mad. I'm deffo down to arrive in one of those!

Meanwhile at the metro's
View attachment 809136
Windows need to be blacked out.
Time to make amends for my abysmal GF history.
Lets smash these flogs.
Nah. Just keep doing that!
Its amazing that the entire reason SA are going so well is because I let them have you.
They were struggling for elite posting midfielders and I did them an epic solid.
If SA win, they’ll have me to thank.

You’re welcome.

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