State of Origin Series XV Round 5 - Western Australia v Vic Country @ Perth Stadium (MOTR)

Who wins?

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Dec 23, 2006
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At half time it looked like we were giving a good enough account of ourselves to play off in a Granny but that third quarter squashed any chance.

Proud of the resilience and glad that we fought the issue out. Glad to not be holding up the SOO ladder for a change.

Bad luck Counts, thanks for the match.

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Aug 25, 2011
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Rucked the Counts over today, I felt it in my waters Tarks. :D

Well we saved the best for last WA, thought we fought back pretty well this series after an awful Series XIV. Cheers skipper Tarkyn_24 , my fellow VC Ljp86 and the whole gang, always really enjoy my WA time. :cool:

Thanks for the days Counts :thumbsu:


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Apr 5, 2005
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West Coast
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Good win, Black Swans!! We got off to a good start and steadily increased our lead until partway through the third quarter before taking the footy off the pedal a bit. From there it was quite a tussle but in the end we were the better side and managed to get the win.

Very solid games by TheInjuryFactory and Dr Mantis Taboggan with good support from Barrybran, Noobz0r, Agent93 and Metalcrusher while CakeEater bagged another four goals in what was a good carnival for him.

Nice to finish the series with a win and despite not making the Grand Final, this series was an improvement on the last two. Hopefully we can bottle this and take it into the next State of Origin series. :thumbsu:

Go Black Swans!! :thumbsu:

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