TV Servant - Apple TV series.

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Aug 21, 2016
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Oldham, West Ham
Philadelphia couple Dorothy and Sean Turner hire a creepy young nanny, Leanne, to move in and take care of their baby son, Jericho. Strange and mysterious events unfold. Sean is a consultant chef so there is a theme of haute cuisine food preparation. Ron Weasley turns up regularly to drink expensive wine.

Created by Tony Basgallop. M. Night Shyamalan directs some episodes and is listed as exec producer. I think he actually produced the show rather than just lending his name to it to take a share of the cash.

The first season was consistently good quality. It kept you guessing about what was going on.

The second season has started a little slowly but is ok so far. M. Night's daughter Ishana is credited as writer and director of several of the episodes, but it sounds like her Dad was pulling the strings.


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 7, 2008
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Just watched this series over the past week. Absolutely loving it, now up the pain of having to wait for weekly episodes to be released!

I only really watched it to test out the spatial audio on my new AirPod pros and this is one of the shows I could find with Dolby atmos, but was much better than expected. Ruper grint putting in a great performance too.
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