Delisted Shane Savage [delisted]

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Brownlow Medallist
Jan 7, 2011
Heaven. I mean Victoria.
AFL Club
St Kilda
Was one of a few who was very stiff to not play more this year.

Only played two games but was good in both, with the 2nd of those being our final v Richmond.

I'm guessing he's been delisted because he knocked back a 1 year deal from us because he wants to get to a club who's told him he'll get a game.

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Premiership Player
Apr 13, 2005
Toronto, ON
AFL Club
St Kilda
Good fit for the Giants or even Essendon to replace Saad/McKenna.

Savage is clearly still an AFL level player, he's just unfortunate that our selectors have picked so many small defenders in the draft in recent years. No shame in being overtaken by Clark, Coffield, Long and Paton. Savage was the next in line, being picked ahead of Webster, Roberton and McKenzie who are still around due to having existing contracts for 2021.

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