Prediction Shannon Hurn - Our All Australian Premiership Captain (and 300 Gamer)

Will Hurn become our first 300 game player?

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Brownlow Medallist
May 9, 2013
AFL Club
West Coast
If Gaff stays, he will be our first 300 gamer. Think Bunga will call it quits in the next two years.
100% Gaff if he stays.

Super impressed with Bunga's season, but 3 more full seasons will be tough. Probably 4 if he has an injury. Should catch Jacko at 276, but be pushing to get Cox @ 290. Unless they give him free games in his last season like Cox was getting.

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Sep 10, 2010
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West Coast
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Toronto Maple Leafs
I was having a look through the career stats for our players today, and I never realised that our captain is 6 games shy of 250 (although he won't reach it this year). Given Hurn's impressive durability (despite looking like a 50 year old his entire life) and the fact he's having a career best season at 30, could his magnificent calves carry him to the milestone?

Assuming his current output of games per season remains the same (23 per year), Hurn could reach 300 games by mid 2021, six-ish(?) months before his 34th birthday. If he retires at the end of 2020, he'll finish up on 313 games.

Is it possible? Well, I think it is, and I'm certain Here2tellyouwhy will guarantee it.
That's a bold strategy, Cotton.


Premiership Player
May 1, 2007
AFL Club
West Coast
Hurn does have the benefit going for him in that he does genuinely enjoy playing football- he said he would play country footy after his career has ended. So I think if his body does hold up he will play on for as long as possible. Has really grown into the role of Captain & would be a well deserved premiership captain should that eventuate. (Especially in comparison to Judd who was a champion but not necessarily the best leader at that point )

He does also strike me as the kind of guy that would retire on 296 games if he felt he wouldn’t contribute the next year. I think he values quality over quantity.


Premiership Player
Jul 1, 2005
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West Coast
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Wildcats, Subiaco Lions, Bulls
Shannon has already started writing his AA captain speech, his WCE B&F speech and being such an arrogant campaigner, plans to just copy them for his 300th game speech
I hope he's also written his premiership captain speach.

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