News Sheedy on the board

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Dec 14, 2015
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Another day another Sheedy headline
Seems to be on message. Probably rolled him out because half the population doesn't watch 20 minute videos from the President but they'll listen to a sound bite on radio.

Bunk Moreland

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Sep 22, 2011
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Well I actually went and listened to the whole interview and while a lot of it was classic Sheedy with plenty of self serving stuff, there were a few decent nuggets.

He did give a little history lesson and went right back to the 60s naming all these great players that Essendon had lost. It seemed he was just gasbagging but thinking about it, there is a bit of a lesson there. Players always leave and the club goes on.

Said the club has done absolutely everything it could for Daniher over the past few years.

Said his main role on the board was to help and advise Brasher through his football experience. They pointed out Wellman and Madden are already there, but he said neither of them had coached or run a football dept.

The question about Hird was totally out of the blue, obvious clickbait chasing by media.

Butted heads with Caro plenty as he always has. She signed it off with “well I really look forward to seeing how this all plays out over the next couple of years” and you could just hear her craving for it all to fall apart. You can really tell when Caro doesn’t like somebody personally and she really starts hoping they fall over. So I’d expect her to be going pretty hard at us over the next couple of years.

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Oct 30, 2014
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Sheeds was at his combative best yesterday in that interview and it wasn’t just Caro that doesn’t like him but Tim Lane too. Leigh Matthew’s views were interesting because he is the ultimate contemporary of Sheeds in terms of both playing and coaching and Leigh has been on the Brisbane board for 5 years now. Leigh was trying to stress the role of board member were as governor’s not managers. Sheeds didn’t really want to hear that. And if you keep listening about an hour later Leigh Matthew’s emphasised that point again when he said “I don’t think Kevin Sheedy understands the role of a board member.” Sheeds was a great coach, but also a great political animal. For someone like me watching from the outside, he always had enough Essendon board members in his ‘back pocket’ every time he wanted a contract extension. Would you be comfortable, if you were coach, with someone like Sheeds on the board if things were getting difficult.


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Mar 20, 2007
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Caro asked about his relationship with Dan Richardson and all Sheeds said was I don’t know him that well. Caro said oh but you know his dad and Sheeds again said I don’t know him that well. Somehow that got Carl’s back up and she said he was combative! Weird

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