NO TROLLS Should AFL players bend the knee before each match in 2021?

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Club Legend
Jun 14, 2014
AFL Club
Yup. Gettin' me southern cross tattoo today!
Sorry bud that won’t do, you should be public shamed, lose your employment and cast down by society all because I perceived, what you said to be offensive.

How dare you mock my English skills in a public forum. Terrible, terrible terrible... shame on you.


Brownlow Medallist
Sep 9, 2015
AFL Club
Really? I dont hear complaints about immigration from the UK or NZ, hell we even actively tried to "help" those poor white farmers from Sth Africa.

Seems we only worry about it when they aren't white.
Do we have gang problems with UK or SA immigrant gangs roaming around Melbourne ******* sh*t up?

You don't hear complaints about migrants from plenty of countries, not all "white" either.

You're full of crap though.

There's been plenty of complaints over the years about kiwis coming here in large numbers. Maybe you just don't listen hard enough.

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