Summer Should Melbourne Bid For The 2028 Games

Should Melbourne Bid For The 2028 Games

  • Yes

    Votes: 78 62.4%
  • No

    Votes: 47 37.6%

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Would need alot of work to bring it up to scratch then what do they do with it? Broncos won't leave suncorp and the Lions wont be able to play there.
If they copy the original London Olympics main stadium model, they will turn it into an 80,000 stadium for the Olympics and leave it as the national athletics centre as its legacy.

Build it like a big meccano set and then pull it apart after the games and leave it as permanent 25,000 seater athletics stadium and it can be multi-use for smaller community events as well as say host 5-10 consecutive national athletics championships.

London stadium was always going to be part of a bid for 2017 IAAF World Championships by British Athletics which they won the hosting rights and copying Beijing stadium being used in 2008 for the Olympics and then 2015 for the world championships. The idea was to keep more than 25k capacity if London won the 2017 World Champs but eventually bring it down to 25k capacity. London won the 2017 hosting rights in November 2011.

But the pressure was on to keep its capacity high, and use it more than just for athletics.

In London, pre and post Olympics there was a lot of debate about its post Olympics use and they decided to reduce capacity and have these dodgy movable seats at ground level that sits on the athletics track. West Ham won the right to have it as there home ground starting with the 2016-17 season. They have moved the seats back once to allow the 2017 IAAF World Champions but the track is still there, not grass and some decent repairs had to occur when they moved the seats back before the IAAF World Champs were held.

But the majority of seats, approx 2/3rds of new 60k capacity are still an oval distance from the centre of the pitch. The original stadium cost £486 million and the renovations cost £274 million.

I don't know what the original cost was to renovate it down to a 25k stadium in the original plans.
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