List Mgmt. Should the club make a tough call?

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 25, 2006
Mount Waverley
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Could be on the coach if he keeps this dumb sh*t up?

The last two weeks has just been baffling. First a hobbled Cunners and now a Ruckman up forward on a slippery night.

This is taking dumb to new levels.


All Australian
Jul 1, 2014
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Wood and hosie should have been playing. Actual leading forwards.
Bonar should have come in for Jed.
Seeing Dumont, Ahern, Macmillan and Polec out there is killing me lately. It's just such slow heavy foot traffic along the wings, hf and hb.

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the flying ham

Club Legend
Dec 12, 2006
AFL Club
North Melbourne
With 4 hours left on the last day of trade week...

Why do you think that might have been?
Originally wanted to go to Geelong mate. Forget that bit? Fact remains Richmond didn't offload one of their best against their will, Deledio wanted out after a decade of mediocrity. If Cunnington and Brown signal their intent to leave, then lets have the discussion. But until then let's get cattle around them
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