Silly Footy Sayings

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May 18, 2008
South Australia
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San Antonio Spurs
Obviously obviously should be on this list.

It's obviously used alot by players who obviously feel the need to use it at the start of every sentence.

Brock McLean obviously uses it every sentence he speaks and Fev obviously used the word obviously twice in the same sentence.

According to Brock Carlton OBVIOUSLY have the best midfield in the league.

It's obviously very annoying to hear the word obviously in every single sentence especially about things that aren't that obvious.

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Deleting account. No interest in AFL anymore Enjoy
Sep 1, 2006
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Port Adelaide
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Liverpool FC
I always hate how every shot on goal "bending back... but not enough and it goes through for a point".... Listen to how many times it's said in a game, it's like a stuck record.

Also the term "they've come to play today"...


Club Legend
Apr 20, 2004
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I know it's not a uniquely footy saying, but as a junior my district rep team had the same chubby middle aged coach for a couple of years straight who used to get very excited when trying to fire us up and would squeal in his piggish voice "STRAIGHT UP THE GUTS!".

I seem to recall that was the only bit of strategic advice he ever gave, we came to the conclusion that if you weren't named in the spine then he clearly thought you were crap and wanted you out of the way.

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