Universal Love Simmo announces Retirement :((

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 8, 2007
AFL Club
Probably been said 30 times already, but good to go with a bit in the tank. Still very much deserving of his spot, and would have been into next year too.

Even in the shitshow on the weekend he had a couple of really poised moments that made me think he is going to leave an enormous hole for someone built from bailing twine.

Deserved better...deserved a flag, probably should have had the captaincy and certainly had multiple AA quality years...yet I'm sure none of that will bother him.

Thanks for your service Simmo.

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Forever Blue

Clifford's excited about 2020
Sep 10, 2016
Just between Sydney and Perth
AFL Club
What an outstanding servant of the club Simmo has been.
A no fuss no nonsense, get the job done week in week out, player.
Built like a match stick, but equipped with the courage and spirit of a lion.
Maybe the right decision??
I can only hope that Simmo made the decision and not the club.

All the best mate, you have well and truly earned a rest.


Team Captain
Oct 5, 2016
Melbourne, Australia
AFL Club
To my favourite player over my 25 years of watching this great club, through all the struggles and dark days (and boy was there plenty), you were the light at the end of the tunnel.

Though you never got to enjoy the success you so thoroughly deserved, know that your inprint will forever remain on this great club.

We love you, Simmo.

A tribute from my brother (BossLogic) & I.

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Jun 4, 2006
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Just got the email, what an absolute champion of a bloke, I know at times my heart was in my mouth as he kicked it out, but have not seen a player with the courage Simmo had since Kenny Hunter. In fact those two will always remind me why this is my team. Vale Simmo, gone but definitely not forgotten.
Crikey he's not dead!

Blue Warrior

Club Legend
Aug 7, 2009
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What more can be said that already hasn't been said about this absolute Champion of the club.
Bled Navy Blue and White.
Never gave in always left everything out there courageous,skillfull a true leader .
Well done Kade you will be missed by everyone who barracks for this great club.

I feel sorry for the next player to wear #6 they have a lot to live up to.


Jul 25, 2019
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Leeds United

Am very appreciative of Simmo's work and fund raising efforts for Down Syndrome Victoria over the years.

Absolute salt of the Earth bloke, tough, loyal and someone who gave so much of his time to help out the disadvantaged.

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to watch you in Navy Blue over these past 18 seasons.

Thank you Simmo

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