Universal Love Simmo announces Retirement :((

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Jul 25, 2019
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who are the 4 blokes with simmo?

Carlton Royalty

I really really like this photo a lot. Would literally sell my soul to have an afternoon in the company of these two great chaps.

Nothing going to lie, I am going to be quite the sobbing mess at the end of Saturday Night's Game.

Do I dare Hope the Boys have one final gutsy effort in them and get a win for Simmo ? As far as I am concerned I will forgive and forget all the bad losses they had this year (esp against Hawthorn, Collingwood and The Crows) if they can win for Kade Simpson against The Lions. Simmo truly deserves to leave the game on a famous win 💙💙💙


Jul 25, 2020
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Absolute warrior of the club and my favourite player by far. You knew he was always was going to give 100% and stuck with us for the worst period in carltons history.

Hope this was a 100% a retirement and he wasnt pushed to do it. Could definitely go around again.

All the best simmo.

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SOS Rules

Aug 1, 2014
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My favourite player of the mostly successful era we had between 1968 and 2000 was SOS. My favourite player of this dark era is Simmo. Although these two are very different players the one thing they had in common was a fierce desire to never be beaten. This is what distinguishes Simmo from a lot of the blokes he has played with over his career. Of course, there is a lot more to him than that. He also has lots of poise, skill and calmness under pressure. To have forged on for so long, playing to a high level throughout and never not leaving it all out on the field is a huge testament to his character and commitment to the Navy Blue cause. He has made the last twenty years a lot more bearable to watch and I will miss him not playing as will the team. He goes out, still playing to a good level and hopefully on his terms. Kade will always be remembered as a Carlton star.

Thanks for the memories Simmo and best of luck for whatever you do in the future.


Jun 14, 2018
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So many different Simmo's": The skinny unassuming one, the thick bearded one (my favourite, before inner city hipsters took over that look) and finally the grey stumbled older statesman. Full respect from everyone that loves the game, gave it his all hard and tough but never a dog. Congrats on a great career and good luck.

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