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Sep 28, 2015
Karachi, Pakistan
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Hello everyone, excuse me if this is the wrong place for me to start the thread but I didn't wanna do it in the BigFooty Fantasy Cricket League sub-section since it seems pretty dead. I was wondering if it's fine for me to start a Simulated Cricket League that has nothing to do with the official BFFCL. I didn't know of any mods in the cricket section, so I thought I'd post this publicly. I would obviously limit this to just one thread instead of posting a new thread for every game/round.

Also wanted to post this publicly to gauge if there would be any interest amongst the members for me to even make this work. The idea is simple; you sign-up as a manager as opposed to player (like you do in the official BFFCL) and manage a team consisting of real-life players, controlling their squad selection, to each game's lineup, to homeground and its pitch type and potentially more (if there's a Draft or Auction process involved?).

Have not really decided what it would be about, but since this is an Aussie forum I reckon an Aussie league would be the way forward. Personally the idea I wanted to go with and am the most fascinated with is a Champions League-style tournament that starts as soon as it possibly can (in 2005 instead of 2009 like it did IRL). I doubt people would be interested in that over an Aussie league.

All of this is quite similar to leagues I've run on :)
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