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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by AFDogs, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. AFDogs

    AFDogs Club Legend

    Western Bulldogs
    Sep 14
    Are you a good sleeper? Bad sleeper? Share your experiences.

    Reason why I make this thread is that for the better part of 3 months I've been a horrible sleeper. Some nights I sit up til 4am-5am and go to work off 2 hours of sleep. Recently I house sat for about 3 weeks, and for some reason started sleeping like a baby. Lights out by 10pm every night and sleeping all the way through.

    I moved back home with the parents and the sleepless nights have started back again. I must associate my bed and bedroom as a sleepless place and work myself up over it. I have a great home, amazingly comfy bed but for some reason I stress out about sleep here. I know I'm not completely broken because I house sat for a month on my own and slept amazingly. I'm wondering what I can do to get these thoughts out of my head because some nights it literally breaks me and I'm an anxious mess.

    I've been using Melatonin lately which has worked wonders.

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  2. PP34

    PP34 Finals MVP

    Oct 09
    I think I could sleep rather easily every night if I wanted to but I choose not to if that makes sense.

    A lot of the time I will end up getting enthralled in a TV show, book or my phone and end up with only 3-4 hours sleep before a busy work day. There was a stage where it got really bad after finishing high school, I'd literally spend half the day asleep and be up all night.

    Have gotten better recently but still don't have a proper pattern. I'm honestly looking forward to when I start full time work so I can get back into a proper pattern like I used to have when I was younger.
  3. Grizza

    Grizza Suspended

    Aug 18
    Anyone else twitch in their sleep? Not like as you’re falling to sleep, but constantly twitch your legs for extended periods throughout the night?
  4. ioppolo

    ioppolo Brownlow Medallist

    West Coast
    Oct 10
    Other Teams:
    Chelsea, OKC Thunder, Scorchers
    I'm an average sleeper I reckon. Never used to sleep through the night but have done a fair bit lately. I take a while to actually fall asleep though
  5. cartel

    cartel Premium Gold

    St Kilda
    Jan 07
    Other Teams:
    Melbourne United
    I'm a bad sleeper, but valerian works for me.

    Tend to get into a bit of a vicious cycle with caffeine.
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