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This is hilarious. Wish I lived in QLD so I could go to this cafe all the time and support them.

Brisbane cafe’s nasty response to Facebook review

A Brisbane mum posted a review when she couldn’t take her young son to a cafe because it had no highchairs. The reply was swift and harsh.

A Queensland mum has been branded an “a-hole” by a cafe after she posted an unfavourable review.

Kylie Lindsay left a one-star Google review about Windsor’s Low Road Cafe two days ago after she went for breakfast with her partner Luke and 15-month-old son but was told the business didn’t offer highchairs.


“That is okay — we left and went elsewhere and that is their business prerogative,” Ms Lindsay wrote in the review.

“However, when I politely commented on their business page that I was disappointed we weren’t able to dine there and support a local business, I was subjected to name calling and told it was my loss.”

Ms Lindsay said she received a “quirky but OK” response from the cafe, before she was “attacked unmercifully” and called a “racist” and an “a-hole” when she sent another response.

“You are an a-hole, and when questioned you deleted all of your comments,” the cafe wrote in response to Ms Lindsay’s feedback on Facebook.

“Your profile tells us you’re a racist too. Keep your one star review. We do not need you.”


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Wait for the union's?
Management of any large business is more than capable of sinking one, without any help from unions. The achievements of General Motors is a signal example - make products nobody wants to buy, and then go all socialist to plead for government handouts, because they're too big to die.
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That's right, use your social media profile to call customers ******** and racists :thumbsu:
But she wasn't a customer.

Imagine feeling so entitled that you gave a place you never patronized a review.

It's not traditionally a professional move on behalf of the cafe; and it kind of gives off an Amy's Bakehouse vibe. But I have no issue with it on the surface; this woman has hurt their buisiness by acting fraudulently. It's a new world were living in these days, so businesses need to try different things and adapt.

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