Travel Small Things You Like in Australian Cities

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Dec 17, 2006
The Southern Hemisphere
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South Fremantle, Sturt
With interstate travel off the agenda at the moment, we can't visit our favorite cities around Australia any time soon, but we can reminisce and look forward to travel restrictions being lifted in the future. In the Australian cites, which are small things (as opposed to major tourist attractions) you like and always go to see when you are there, or if you live there particularly like them too? For example, in Melbourne I love the charming musical clock at Melbourne Central with the dancing birds; and in Adelaide I love the four pig statues in Rundle Mall. On the Gold Coast I always like the iconic Surfer's Paradise sign at the beachfront at the end of Cavill Avenue; and in Brisbane I love the Story Bridge.


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Feb 5, 2018
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Chicago Blackhawks Melb Renegades
Just being in any Melbourne cafe or beer garden.

The different feel the humid air gives off in Queensland.

Hearing a magpie in the morning staying somewhere remote.

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Sep 17, 2011
Hamburg, DE
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BvB, Boston Celtics
The salty misty air on a Coogee (Sydney) spring morning

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