smallest cricket grounds you've seen in Australia

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Kyle Langfourd
Sep 21, 2012
Parish, Francis
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Piggy Smith, Heat
Just making use of space I guess. I’m assuming the kids use the hard wicket in the mornings and seniors the turf in the arvo?
It’s certainly the shitter ground of the two at the location but both are still used for senior cricket, it’s just outrageously small at one end. Sixes over 3rd man galore.

Nettleton Park in (I think, not a local) the Camberwell area, played at by STC South Camberwell, is a tiny, tiny ground. Couldn't be more than 30 metre boundaries.
Not only is it tiny, it’s also a rock hard dustbowl. They keep a pool scoop on the boundary to fish balls out of the creek next to the ground because despite putting up a fence it’s 10 metres shorter than it should be

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Jan 11, 2007
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Coburg Lions, All Boston sides
Played a game out at a ground with long straight boundaries and short square boundaries with one side bordered by a creek. Spent half the day climbing down into the water to collect the ball after it had been deposited there. Joke of a ground for senior cricket.

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No longer used in senior cricket. Never played at Anderson Park then? Much shorter straight and similarly short square.

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