SNL 2017 R14 - vs Adel Thunderbirds (Sun 28th May @ Titanium Security Arena) - 'pies win 47-49

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 4, 2016
AFL Club
Adelaide Thunderbirds vs Collingwood Netball - round 14 of 14

Venue: Titanium Security Arena - Adelaide
Date: Saturday 20th May
Game time: 1pm Melbourne time, 12.30pm Adelaide time
TV - live: Telstra TV, Netball live app
TV - replay: 9gem (11.30am Monday), 9now, Netball live app, Telstra tv


Match day info:

Finals opponent:
Good news is we can't finish anywhere other than fourth, so finals are locked in. We'll play third in the semi final with Melb Vixens, Sunshine Coast and GWS all in contention for that spot. Most likely we play the loser of GWS vs Sunshine Coast (Saturday) in first week of the finals, although a Vixens loss (away to WC Fever - Saturday) and a GWS win would see the Vixens host us in finals week 1.


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