So which of the father and son players plays most like his father?

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Sea fog

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Jun 24, 2012
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Looks like it. Oh well nobody can be Peter Daicos and Josh seems to have these in-between roles whereas his magician dad was a champion mid and champion forward.

The Browns have some Gavin traits but Callum is small and lacks the class of his old man but Tyler has some possibilities of emulating him.

There are promising signs that Will maybe more classy than Ned. He has more height and athleticism.

Darcy is a defender, is old man won the Copeland as a ruck and the goalkicking award with us a few times as a full forward.

So yes, none of them. :)

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Aug 3, 2020
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Moore I guess, mainly on grounds of him being a genuine AA which is close to his dad's lofty levels. None of the others are nearly as good as their pops as it stands now. Daicos looks good, but he is a little bit unlucky in that he's the son of the most skillful footy player of all time. Kelly looked solid, but his dad was a prickly stout FB, not a wiry skillful CHF. Both Brown's not worth mentioning

Vicky Park

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Sep 11, 2012
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Moore is the closest of the current crop to his Dad in playing style, I’d say.
Sometimes in his running style and the way he launches himself at he ball, I see Peter.

Saw them both on the Swan Street tram a couple of years ago, dad and son having a day out on public transport. Very physically imposing specimens.

No one else on the tram seemed to recognise them or pay much attention. The demographics of modern Richmond I guess.

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