Workshop Soccer Kit Designs (Mockups)

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Silent Alarm

sack Lyon
Jul 9, 2010
AFL Club
NEWCASTLE UNITED: I've always thought that newcastle is one of those clubs that looks best with the logos all running down the middle of the shirt (which they might be going back to next season, fingers crossed) The away is pretty similar to the current season's but it is a awesome colour combo so I've decided not to change it.
The home shirt here is tidy. That sponsor logo is a nuisance and so gross looking, but I guess that isn't your issue. Like the thick middle band just appearing at the top – sponsorship integration is a rare art and when it's done well, it looks nifty. Good idea.

Nice wordmark for the logo too. I could see it being a real brand.

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Nov 2, 2018
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
NYY, Liverpool
created a Bristol team in fifa (chose a big city with little success) but thought i could do a bit better in PS, let me know your thoughts pls and thank you!
The logo features Cabot tower found in Bristol and SS great britain which was built in Bristol and at the time of construction was the longest passenger ship in the world, the ship can still be viewed in Bristol.

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