some thoughts on the suns

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Sep 27, 2018
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I'm just taking a break from uni work and decided to share my thoughts hope you guys don't mind.

My local league has a draft system and i got drafted to a new club (about five years old). I was very excited to start u17s but the side had never won a league game.
Our seventeens won multiple premierships when we started up. Apparently all the talent left before they even made it to u19s which is why we had only made one finals series in u19 in 5 years of existence.
The drafter of my year for the sharks (name of start up club) had a son in my year. Because of this he new who was friends with who. He targeted two traits people who were loyal and the ones who were friends didn't care about who was the best. literally picked a shocking player with one of our high draft picks because he was a good bloke who was friends with one of our stars.
the group of guys i was with propelled us to a finals series in first year of u17s, premiership in second year of u17s and back to back grand finals in u19s.
Our league side is now competitive. and every generation after us has stayed at the club.
Trust me if we could turn that one around i think gold coast could be turned around. Like gold coast we were in our second rebuild.

I grew up baracking for the fremantle dockers it took us three rebuilds to be a force. built over a lot of drafts but we got there.
pav 1999, mcpharlin 1999, sandilans 2003, mundy 2005, johnson 2005, stephen hill 2008, hayden ballantyne 2008, michael walters 2008, nathan fyfe 2009
Those players were our stars, all achieved all australian status. And it took a decade to acquire the talent to push for premiership success.
I actually rate your young midfield many of whom have not played 50 games for the suns weller, powell, macpherson, brodie, bowes, ainsworth the fact that your midfield is so young has lead many people to think their a basket case but their just to young to be any good yet.

I think the gold coast will be a good side not if.

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