Someone to follow in the finals?

adam waite

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Apr 6, 2014
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We are all disappointed that our long finals history has come to an end. The next 2 yrs is going to be tough. But what i ask is in the current finals race what team will you support now that we are not there.? For me it has to be the Lions, years in the wilderness , clever recruting and signing a great coach, this team has a belief that they are no longer underdogs!

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Apr 26, 2016
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Unpopular opinion but West Coast.

Two reasons.

1 - I want them to overtake Hawthorn as the best club of the modern era (I'd rather it be them than the Umpire Cats.) Call me Hawthorn-obsessed, I'll wear it. They're a s**t-stain club, and my hatred for them is only just bested by my love for the Swans.

2 - **** equalisation off, this competition needs it's best teams in the grand final and it's ultimate best team winning the flag. Cream needs to start rising to the top again. No more fairytales!

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barry fu

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Jun 8, 2009
The Chioggia clump
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Sth Freo/Forest/Tricky Trees
Fu shall reserve his selection until such time as the 8 is a lock.
Though if the current ladder stays as shouldn't be a difficult decision...

Geewrong - No, they can do 1.
Loins - Leper Leigh Matthews called Goodes The God a protected species. So No, they can do 1.
WCE - 2006! No, they can do 1.
Pyes - With having Inward Edward The Ar$e, their Lord and leading loudmouth lyncher. It's a No, they can do 1.
Richmung - Won 1 this centuary and have carried on like Ar$ses since. So No, they can do 1.
gws - handed everything bar the cup, yet haven't held it. :$ So No, they can do 1.
Essenong - Don't worry, they will do 1.
Port - Kochie, that song, Josh Carr, The Cornes Clowns and a lack of hygiene even in wet weather. So No, they can do 1.

So Freo for Fu. Simples.

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