Song Contest Part XVI, Host: GreyCrow, Theme: Computer Keys, Votes Due: Sunday: 10pm AEDT


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General Rules:
All song nominations and votes are done by PM and must be kept anonymous by the host.
The host's decision on accepting songs is final, whinging will just make you look like a loser.
Voting must be on a 5-4-3-2-1 basis with a single Billy Madison vote for the worst song.
In the event of a tie the song with the least Billy Madison votes will win on countback. If still tied, the song with the most 5 votes will be given the victory.
The Billy Madison winner must use an avatar chosen by the host for the duration of the next round (unless they have lost an avatar bet, in which case the Billy avatar must be used until the next round has concluded).
If you set a midday or midnight deadline, don't be surprised if I mess around with the timezone.
In the event that the winner cannot host, then the reigns go to 2nd place, unless that person is William Wonka.

Alright, for clarification:

FROM NOW ON, should a poster be suspended or on a day off during a round, votes for their song will still be accepted. If their suspension is over by the end of the round, the votes count. If not the song is dq'd, just the same as if they miss the voting deadline.

If a poster is suspended or on a day off at the start of the round, they cannot submit a song or participate in that round.

If a poster is perma'd then they can **** off and they're not welcome to play at all.

Make sense?
Post results and nominations with the hashtags:


List of Previously Nominated Songs

Podiums and Halls

Computer Keys Playlist:
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Mar 5, 2011
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I considered introducing an award for altruism but I don't want to encourage those sorts of acts. Don't be like me or Rake.
It's rare enough to deserve an encouragement award, but you're also not meant to vote for yourself so it's more 'quirky history' than 'legally these things happened'.

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