Song Contest Part XVII, Host: SarahSmiles, Theme: Fruit and Veg, Votes Due: Wednesday 11pm AEST

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Jan 18, 2009
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Chelsea, Sturt
General Rules:
All song nominations and votes are done by PM and must be kept anonymous by the host.
You only nom one song.
The host's decision on accepting songs is final, whinging will just make you look like a loser.
Voting must be on a 5-4-3-2-1 basis with a single Billy Madison vote for the worst song.
In the event of a tie the song with the least Billy Madison votes will win on countback. If still tied, the song with the most 5 votes will be given the victory.
The Billy Madison winner must use an avatar chosen by the host for the duration of the next round (unless they have lost an avatar bet, in which case the Billy avatar must be used until the next round has concluded).
If you set a midday or midnight deadline, don't be surprised if I mess around with the timezone.
In the event that the winner cannot host, then the reigns go to 2nd place, unless that person is William Wonka.

Alright, for clarification:

FROM NOW ON, should a poster be suspended or on a day off during a round, votes for their song will still be accepted. If their suspension is over by the end of the round, the votes count. If not the song is dq'd, just the same as if they miss the voting deadline.

If a poster is suspended or on a day off at the start of the round, they cannot submit a song or participate in that round.

If a poster is perma'd then they can **** off and they're not welcome to play at all.

Make sense?
To add to this, anyone suspected of being an alias should be reported.

Post results and nominations with the hashtags:


List of Previously Nominated Songs

Podiums and Halls

Fruit and Veg Playlist:
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The Filth Wizard

These Meats Are Spoiled
Jul 26, 2007
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  • Loonerty won his 25th contest along with getting his 63rd podium!
That's it!

*Hall of Fame*
5 song contest wins: roo2macca, Hard Ball Get, JoseMourinho, royboy2, edgie, Loonerty, Chappyuk, Marklar_33, Allikat, CakeEater, Illinois Nazi, Wooshette, the fly, Gigantor, Smeg Head, DroopStDanny, Back One Out, Sozabarus, Bet on Blue, OES, Plugger35, Chaisa, Ulahoopski, The Filth Wizard, Elton Johns Wig, GreyCrow, Freofalcon, Morganashlee, NaturalDisaster, SM, William Wonka, raskolnikov, por_please_ya, NinjaSwan, Jazny, managatang, Noobz0r, JoshWoodenSpoon, Drunkgoliath, Raveneyes, Broken, The Speaker

Top of the pack: Three consecutive top three finishes - Hard Ball Get (Rounds 40, 41, 42; and Rounds 41, 42, 43), roo2macca (Rounds 48, 49, 50), edgie (Rounds 83, 84, 85), Loonerty, (Rounds 94, 95, 96; and Rounds 95, 96, 97), Chaisa (Rounds 124, 125, 126), DroopStDanny (Rounds 177, 178, 179), Chappyuk (Rounds 215, 216, 217), Elton Johns Wig (Rounds 225, 226, 227; and Rounds 226, 227, 228), Sterge (Rounds 299, 300, 301), DroopstDanny (Rounds 307, 308, 309) por_please_ya (Rounds 309, 310, 311), William Wonka (Rounds 334, 335, 336), roo2macca (Rounds 342, 343, 344), DroopstDanny (Rounds 372, 373, 374), William Wonka (Rounds 384, 385, 386), Smeg Head (Rounds 401, 402, 404), Ulahoopski (Rounds 403, 404, 405) BRAB (Rounds 415, 416, 417), Back One Out (Rounds 454, 455, 456), Back One Out (Rounds 471, 472, 473), Elton Johns Wig (Rounds 485, 486, 487) William Wonka (Rounds 489, 490, 491), Harvey Manfrenjensenden (Rounds 502, 503, 504)

The real 1st place!: Three 2nd places within 5 rounds - Sterge (Rounds 299, 300, 301)

Moving on up!: From 3rd to 1st over three consecutive rounds -

The Joe Root award: I've participated in 50 song contests - Chappyuk, Plugger35, roo2macca, Freofalcon, Royboy2, thefly, JoseMourinho, Hard Ball Get, Smeg Head, SugarShane, edgie, Little Graham, MEB_, Illinois Nazi, Allikat, Jazny, CakeEater, Gigantor, Loonerty, Marklar_33, Back One Out, Wooshette, Van_Dyke, IKnowtheDog, Bomberboyokay, Chaisa, OES, Bet on Blue, DroopstDanny, Ulahoopski, Sozabarus, Call_Me_Floss, GreyCrow, krisholio14, The Filth Wizard, Elton Johns Wig, NaturalDisaster, raskolnikov, MWPP, NinjaSwan, Yidaki, El Dubya, Nuffers, Morganashlee, SM, William Wonka, por_please_ya, Agent93, Noobz0r, The Jesus, vanders, raveneyes, JoshWoodenSpoon, SarahSmiles, Drunkgoliath, Hoos, SSwans2011, BRAB, Broken, The Speaker, managatang, spookism

I'm no longer Joe Root!: I've participated in 100 song contests - Chappyuk, Plugger35, roo2macca, JoseMourinho, Hard Ball Get, royboy2, the fly, edgie, Smeg Head, Illinois Nazi, little graham, Freofalcon, CakeEater, Loonerty, Gigantor, Marklar_33, Back One Out, OES, Bet on Blue, DroopstDanny, Ulahoopski, Chaisa, Sozabarus, Jazny, GreyCrow, The Filth Wizard, NaturalDisaster, raskolnikov, Elton Johns Wig, Wooshette, MWPP, NinjaSwan, MEB_, SM, William Wonka, por_please_ya, Noobz0r, JoshWoodenSpoon, Drunkgoliath, Agent93, Harvey Manfrenjensenden, Hoos, The Speaker, SarahSmiles, Broken, SSwans2011, General Soreness, _Rake

I'm Now Brian Lara!: I've participated in 150 song contests - Chappyuk, Plugger35, roo2macca, royboy2, the fly, Smeg Head, CakeEater, Loonerty, Marklar_33, Back One Out, edgie, OES, Bet on Blue, Ulahoopski, DroopstDanny, Sozabarus, GreyCrow, The Filth Wizard, NaturalDisaster, raskolnikov, Elton Johns Wig, MWPP, Jazny, NinjaSwan, SM, William Wonka, por_please_ya, Harvey Manfrenjensenden, JoshWoodenSpoon, Drunkgoliath, Noobz0r, Hoos

The Kumar Sangakkara Award: I've participated in 200 song contests - Chappyuk, Plugger35, roo2macca, royboy2, the fly, Smeg Head, CakeEater, Marklar_33, Loonerty, Back One Out, Bet on Blue, Ulahoopski, Droopstdanny, GreyCrow, The Filth Wizard, raskolnikov, NaturalDisaster, Elton Johns Wig, MWPP, SM, NinjaSwan, William Wonka, por_please_ya

The Punter Award: I've participated in 250 song contests - Chappyuk, Plugger35, roo2macca, Smeg Head, the fly, Loonerty, Back One Out, Ulahoopski, GreyCrow, The Filth Wizard, raskolnikov, NaturalDisaster, Marklar_33, CakeEater, DroopStDanny, Elton Johns Wig, SM, William Wonka, NinjaSwan

The Gavin Wanganeen Award! For 300 contests - Chappyuk, Plugger35, roo2macca, the fly, Loonerty, Smeg Head, Back One Out, Ulahoopski, GreyCrow, The Filth Wizard, raskolnikov, NaturalDisaster

The Doug Hawkins Award! For 350 contests -
Chappyuk, Plugger35, roo2macca, Loonerty, Back One Out, Ulahoopski, the fly

The Dustin Fletcher Award! For 400 contests- Chappyuk, roo2macca, Plugger35, Loonerty

The Craig Bradley Award! 450 contests - Chappyuk, roo2macca, Plugger35

The Courtney Walsh Award! 500 Contests - Chappyuk, roo2macca

The AB de Villiers award: I scored 50 or more botes for my nomination! - Wooshette 50 (Round 7), El Dubya 67 (Round 9), Wooshette 50 (Round 11), roo2macca 57 (Rounds 18), richoatthedisco 53 (Round 20), Allikat 52 (Round 30), Plugger35 53 (Round 33), JoseMourinho 50 (Round 51), Loonerty52(Round 52), Smeg Head 55 (Round 69), edgie 50 (Round 73), Marklar_33 53 (Round 88), edgie 56 (Round 103), CakeEater 54 (Round 105), royboy2 53 (Round 111), Bet on Blue 60 (Round 127), the fly 51 (Round 148), roo2macca 51 (Round 157), CakeEater 51 (Round 174), Bet on Blue 50 (Round 200), Morganashlee 65 (Round 275), Chappyuk 54 (Round 315), Marklar_33 54 (Round 458), JoshWoodenSpoon 51 (Round 460)

I Bote Whored!: 20 podium finishes - roo2macca, Hard Ball Get, royboy2, Loonerty, Chappyuk, Plugger35, edgie, Smeg Head, Chaisa, DroopstDanny, Back One Out, Bet on Blue, Sozabarus, Ulahoopski, CakeEater, the fly, GreyCrow, Elton Johns Wig, William Wonka, NinjaSwan, The Filth Wizard, raskolnikov, OES, por_please_ya, NaturalDisaster, Marklar_33, SM, Harvey Manfrenjensenden, Noobz0r, Drunkgoliath

Beginner's Luck!: Podium on Debut - Freofalcon (Round 1)*, Good Old (Round 1), Probitas (Round 1) Hard Ball Get (Round 2)*, MEB_ (Round 2), brahj (Round 15), Sydney Bloods (Round 36), Loonerty (Round 44), Van_Dyke (Round 67), One Eyed Sainter (Round 100)*, BlueBelle (Round 102), Bet on Blue (Round 104), Ulahoopski (Round 110), DroopStDanny (Round 110), dogs105 (Round 196)

*Also won

The Magnificent Seven: 7 top 7 finishes in a row - roo2macca (Rounds 44-50, 45-51, 46-52) Ulahoopski (Rounds 160-166, 161-167, 162-168, 163-169 164-170), William Wonka (Rounds 332-338, Rounds 333-339), DroopstDanny (Rounds 364-370, 365-371, 366-372, 367-373, 368-374)

I Host to Win Contests: Winning a Round You Hosted - JoseMourinho (Round 38 - Jazz/Blues), edgie (Round 85 - Physical Movements), Bet on Blue (Round 113 - Cities/Towns Redux), GreyCrow (Round 248 - Circus), por_please_ya (Round 311 - Women), Back One Out (Round 356 - Good **** Except...), vanders (Round 371 - Funky Basslines), NinjaSwan (Round 379 - Experimental), GreyCrow (Round 389 - Power), Ulahoopski (Round 404 - Vowels),Ulahoopski (Round 405 - Japan), Elton Johns Wig (Round 435 - RYM Custom Charts II), Back One Out (Round 455 - Woodwind Instruments), Back One Out (Round 456 - Basslines Redux), William Wonka (Round 475 - Rare Grooves), GreyCrow (Round 478 - Guilty Pleasures), Ulahoopski (Round 488 - Senses), Chappyuk (Round 499 - Bandcamp Discovery), Noobz0r (Round 505 - Clips With Celebrities Redux)
'twas also my 351st contest.

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Jan 18, 2009
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Chelsea, Sturt
My singing voice is worse than nails on a chalkboard I was kinda tempted to nom some stuff by my mates though
Who says you have to sing? Listen to this masterpiece.

In 2050, when people are having BigFooty and Pub chats over the most influential pieces of music ever created, this will be the first to come to everyone's mind.

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