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Apr 19, 2010
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I think it lost a lot when they went away from the Hamlet framing device: there was the three-way tension between Jax, Clay, and Gemma, and the idea that that was a 'good' Jax (relatively) trying to get out was an interesting one. When they all just became murderous bastards intent only on killing each other I lost interest.

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Mar 2, 2013
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Started a rewatch

Juice: I am not happy about being here either. At least you and I, you know-we can try to have a decent conversation.

Tig: What? What do you want? You want to bond? You want to get closer? Fine.

Tig undoes his belt

Juice: What are you doing?

Tig: I'm gonna dunk my balls in your mouth. You're gonna gag. I'm gonna laugh. We'll be best friends forever.


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Apr 27, 2008
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I guess the weak point of the show to me was that Jax never got any comeuppance for how so much of what went bad for the gang was his doing things begins the scenes.

One part that springs to mind though was Henry Rollins's character last moments. It was well done. A rare moment of less is more from the show.

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Mar 4, 2002
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Aside from Jax (arguable anyway as he was a movie actor before this) and Clay (definitely movie star already) the only SOA I have seen about since the show has been Chips.

Any others maintained their careers?

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Opie is currently in The Walkind Dead, was in the most recent season of Bosch, and was in a show that ran 2 seasons called Outsiders.

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