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BigFooty Legend
Oct 2, 2007
The Premiership Cup
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Everton FC Williamstown FC
I love Grand Final Day. Even when we aren't in it....still the biggest day of the year.

Won't be the same this year and although I would take the flag it's definitely not going to be my favourite one if we do get up.

Being around Richmond pre game is the best.
Nothing will beat 17


All Australian
Jun 19, 2017
AFL Club
I admit that I'm a bit of a tinfoil hatter but i'd be pretty bloody nervous with audio in the box during the grand final. GWS probably had our live audio through their mics knowing the AFL lol
I reckon that Richmond would have done all the recording ourselves so we can edit out tactics, shittalking players etc. then hand on to afl


Norm Smith Medallist
May 23, 2010
Leafy Eastern Suburbs
AFL Club
had no idea coaches box was miked up.
If there's one talent i wish I had it would be the ability to lip read...........................imagine bucks and salty scotty
All clubs would record the coaches box. Then use the audio with video to coach players on what was being said live at the time by each line coach. Not just the “good boy” bits, there’s heaps more.
And the outtakes, I’m told, are priceless.

Do the Dew

Club Legend
Feb 14, 2019
Stuart Dew's Gut
AFL Club
That was awesome! Kind of annoyed that they're being uploaded so slowly (one every Thursday for the next 3 wks), was hoping that they'd pump them out every few days before our first final.

Putting that audio and what I've read from the Konrad Marshall book together, Dimma is usually pretty calm in the box and doesn't complain about umpiring decisions - unlike Chris Scott.

I'd love if they released the same stuff from the 19' prelim, particularly the 3rd quarter where we start to roll over the top of the Cats. I can only imagine the C. Scott melts.

Tony Harrison

🏆 🏆 🏆
Apr 15, 2013
AFL Club
A couple of things -

is there audio of Dimma for Caddy giving away 50 this year?

Watching the celebration for Rioli’s goal, and I reckon I’ve seen it numerous times this year and before, is George the chaos king the most chaotic high tenner in the history? I reckon he’s a danger of poking someone’s eye out every time.

They were just cooked by 3QT of the prelim I reckon, we were absolutely peaking on GF day.
GWS rocked up to the festival, finished their bag by midday, drank 18 Smirnoff double blacks and passed out 3 hours before their favourite band played.

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Feb 4, 2006
AFL Club

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