U19 Champs South Australia v Some SA U17s/NT/NSW/Canberra boys, Sunday 3rd OCT, 9:20 AM ACST

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Dec 14, 2015
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Quarter time
SA 3.2 20
Allies 0.2 2

4 players from the GWS academy who came over a month ago to quarantine and stuff..? Dedication.

One overager from SA and several underagers playing for the Allies as well.

Bit of a mess really but explains why they’re a bit behind atm

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@Headless approved!
Nov 7, 2017
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Manchester City, Collingwood AFLW
So Walls has been the Allies best imo, Kobe Ryan has had good moments but hasn't been overly consistent, Fejo is a good mover and user, some of his evasion has reminded me of Marlion Pickett's debut in the Grand Final where he kept winning clearances and stepping 2 opponents in a row. Keeler despite the inaccuracy has played well imo, done well to continually present and make some poor kicks look good.

I've got a vested interest with the GWS boys obviously, Kelly, Green and Frost have been more of the same as usual but Grintell has impressed me more than previous performances with his push into the midifeld and work up the ground from forward 50, using it well off both feet is a tick for me. Moniz-Wakefield has a bit about him as well, melbourne could do worse than getting him on the Cat B list.

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