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The Victorian

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Oct 23, 2018
AFL Club
Gold Coast
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Storm, Western Utd
I found some interesting designs and info regarding a redevelopment of Fankhauser Reserve and Southport Sharks but can't find anything confirming it



new 10,000 seat boutique stadium 🏟 @griffith_architecture
The initial concept behind this design was to challenge what a stadium could be, to often do we see an oval shaped block sitting idle, neglected from public use. I wanted to design a stadium which could form part of the public realm, expanding the game-day experience beyond what is typically seen from a stadium typology as a closed off private space, becoming an open semi-private sort of public park for the local community.
I also wanted to expand on the existing site qualities. If you have ever been to Southport Sharks oval you would know that spectators use the surrounding oval as a sort of parking amphitheater, similar to rural Australian sporting ovals. I wanted to retain this sense of community and history by having single tier seating and wide platforms with green spaces for large gatherings to come together to cheer on their respected teams. Indoor Sporting Centre is a continuation of its surroundings, designed to protect and reinforce the site’s natural qualities. The building is split level following the natural slope of the site to encourage movement and play. The building faces on to a smaller oval designed to be mixed-use and free to the public to gather, play sport, picnic, etc. This particular area of the site sits opposite the Southport lawn cemetery, so it was important to ensure that it does not disrupt the essence of that space. This was achieved by retaining much of the existing Australian gums along the streetscape, buffering excess noise whilst providing additional shade and ambience to the users of the site. The Arena is designed to function as an extension to the main stadium. This was achieved by opening up sections of the stadium to single tier seating to connect the two ovals creating a communal functioning program combining all aspects of the site. The stepped tier seating with wide grassed platforms allows spectators to view towards both ovals at any given time comfortably. The overall space is designed for multiple functions, with the field readily available for a wide range of sports and activities. The design intent for the stadium was to be publicly accessible with openings at both ends of the stadium. I wanted to immerse users within the space through many design aspects, the manipulation of light through the semi transparent glass facade as well as the constant connection to nature, blurring the lines of indoor & outdoor spaces. The exterior structure was to follow the theme & material given by the client, in this case “glass & contest”, hence the semi-transparent qualities used throughout. The contrasts of light weight material “glass” vs the heaviness of concrete challenged the theme of “contest”. Using glass in a dynamic sequence that follows the organic form opening up to the promenade entrance to the stadium and falling back down again into the natural landscape surrounding the stadium. The stadium is the dominant feature of the site, however intentions to retain some of the existing grassy berms towards the stadium were implemented into the design at the northern and southern ends. This also allowed the stadium to look as though it was rising and falling back into the landscape, becoming unified with the site. These open tier spaces allow freedom of movement and play for spectators with ease of access towards the stadium and surrounding programs, encouraging fans to gather and cheer on their respected teams as a collective.

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