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Sep 12, 2007
AFL Club
St Kilda
Hello Media and Entertainment Users,

The increasing content across movies and tv has prompted a review of the spoiler policy and we have decided the following will be implemented

- Films can (are not required to) have Spoiler and non Spoiler threads
- In Spoiler threads it’s all fair game, spoilers, theories etc. no spoiler tags required, these threads are enter at your own risk
- Non Spoiler threads are not to have any spoilers period. Theories and ideas should be put in spoiler tags just in case. These threads are post at your own risk
- All other movie threads (movie you last watched for example) all spoilers and or theories etc should be in spoiler tags for at very least the duration the movie is in cinemas and only recently available on DVD

- Television shows follow the same principle as above with the exception that the timeframe is until the latest episode airs. As a simple example when game of thrones airs at 11am Monday AUS time it can be discussed openly without spoiler tags in any thread

These rules will be enforced but as always what constitutes a spoiler is an individual assessment, the common sense rule of considering others should always be taken into account and these rules will be used as the basis for moderators enforcement on reported posts.

Trust this clarifies the issue but feel free to ask any reasonable questions.

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