SQUIB OF THE YEAR 2019 - NOMINATIONS THREAD - Round 14: And the Academy Award goes too... Christian Floptracca!

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Team Captain
Oct 3, 2007
AFL Club
West Coast
Two minutes in to the first quarter of the Western Derby in round 4?
yes the rd 4 derby. about 18.50 on the the clock , first quarter. langdon grubbers the ball along the ground out of defence.
mundy is running onto it . hurn coming the other way

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Fuller McCallister

I like drinking Pepsi and wetting the bed..
Jun 12, 2019
AFL Club
I’d like to nominate the entire port pufferlaide fan base from est 1997 to present..

They’ve never been a very large or engaged fan base however they are very vocal at the smallest sign of succes and as their Puffering name suggests they completely disappear at the slightest sense of any hardship or strain..
Such **** posters include: smithy7 Nelso and WillemDaDrew (formerly known as beatsoff) this is a triple nom and will be monitoring your support in regard with your clubs success.

Hence why there are no puffers on the bay.. MASSIVE SQUIB!!


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