Game Day St Kilda V Dogs 7.30 pm 18/4/2024 Marvel

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Brad Johnson doing wonders tonight.

No set shots have been missed I think.

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Credit to Bevo, the changes he has made have worked really well.
You can never say he doesn’t try things. This one is definitely working and having him and Garcia are new midfield options is reassuring.

Hope they’ll be around a while but we need to plan for life after Treloar and Libba.

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Red time and AFTER the siren! What is this alternative reality?!
episode 11 frustration GIF
Well, we looked for a response and got one, at least so far. Aside from Bramble’s brain fades the defense looks good, and attacking footy is strong. Thought Garcia has been excellent, hope he keeps it up.

Bont fairly poor but then reminds us why he’s the best player in the comp. That delivery to West was amazing.

Foot on the gas in the second half please.
English is responding to his awful game last week. That and the team in general maybe should show how ridiculous some of the overreaction has been.
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