VFLW St.Kilda VFLW/AFLW Thread

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Plans are also in place to recruit established stars and bring home the players drafted from the Southern Saints this year.
sverik25 this line from the article posted a while back seems to give some hope. Just no details given.

I mean I realise it will be her choice so we just have to wait to see what she wants to do.

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Jan 20, 2008
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I heard the Saints won the expansion club lottery , and thought our luck was finally in.
I then looked it up , and we have Pick 11 , the pick after AFLW Premiers Adelaide and the rest of the existing clubs.
I thought the AFL Draft needed work , but this AFLW Draft needs a lot more.
That had me scratching my head. Geelong got given Pick 1 for the draft last year as the strength of their signings were lacking compared to North, who also entered the league. Now 1 week into trade and sign period it's looking like we haven't had much luck luring anything even close to a marquee signing. Which I kind of understand as its a semi-professional sport the players are heavily influenced by packages outside of football (cars, fulltime jobs etc), something I can't see us being able to match with our financial situation.

So not only are we on the back foot with established stars, we are on the back foot with draft position.


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Aug 15, 2013
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So, for those who have followed these players, how are we looking? Like, could we be a force, or is this just going to be a get used to the comp year?
Rhiannon Watt and Ali Drennan both played for the Southern Saints in 2018 and were named in the VFLW Team of the year.
They then signed with AFLW clubs for this year and have come back to us for next year.

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