Stadium with the best atmosphere

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Marlo Snellman
Apr 27, 2019
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People rave about the MCG... and with good reason... but I don't think as a stadium it has the best atmosphere in the AFL...

Because of the small size of the playing surface and the compacted incline of the stands... the SCG has the by far the greatest atmosphere... the crowd noise echoes and rebounds... Fans feel 'on-top' of the players... and the atmosphere is concentrated... hanging over the ground like a cumulative cloud of noise and emotion...

And not dissipating and dissolving quickly as per elsewhere...

Less is more.


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Mar 21, 2017
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A packed Eagles game at Optus is pretty hard to beat. Even with 30,000 people there for Scorchers games it is noisy at hell in there, noise just bounces around inside the place.

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Aug 1, 2010
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I havn't done the SCG in it's current layout. (Have been with the Victor Trumper Stand, but not the Noble/Messenger/Bradman stands)
But I'd say it's #2 (Behind Adelaide Oval) - But am willing to re-assess after another go with new layout.

I personally feel the MCG is extremely overrated. I've only attended 5 games there
62,184 vs Collingwood 2009 semi - Sat 2nd level Olympic
69,156 vs Hawthorn 2012 Prelim - Sat 2nd level Olympic
32,419 vs Carlton 2014 - Sat 1st level Olympic
70,879 vs Hawthorn 2015 semi - Sat 1st lever GSS
29,133 vs Melbourne 2016 - Sat 2nd (maybe 3rd) level gss

Those 2 30k games felt like 7,671 at Manuka Oval in 2002
And those 2 games in the 60ks weren't the best either for atmosphere.
It took 70k for the atmosphere to rival that at Adelaide Oval or the SCG.

Yes. Those big crowds are amazing. Especially with a mix of fans because the capacity is that high. But when only 25% of games get to that stage. The vast bulk of games are an ultimate disappointment.

Mr B

Jul 20, 2005
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The problem with this thread is that very few of us have experienced enough grounds to make any sort of rational comparison. Most grounds are great if full. I haven't been to Adelaide, which is supposed to be wonderful. Of the grounds I have attended, 1. Optus 2. MCG 3. GMBHLQIT 4. SCG 5. Marvel.

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