List Mgmt. Staggering our retirements in the next few years

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the Ziebull

Brownlow Medallist
Nov 14, 2010
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Ziebs is only 30 - a lot are writing him off.
All the older guys can probably see the youth coming through and won’t want to miss out
I think the point is it won’t be up to all of them

there will be an element of ruthlessness to stagger a few going each year. And just cos they can play another year doesn’t mean they should, better to leave with some left in the tank

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the flying ham

Premiership Player
Dec 12, 2006
AFL Club
North Melbourne
I think Jack and Taz have 1 left in them based off this year. Cunners can play for a while because he simply can’t get slower. It will be more how long he can be bothered playing.

Goldy up to 2 years more but depends how the body holds up. He has lost a bit of spring but with good support from a Comben or Edwards, could prolong the time.

Ats is still only 28, I mean he could go on for 5 more years. Probably more about form for him though.

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On what basis do you think Jack has one more year?

Taz has barely played and been out of touch, but jack has literally improved in his role every week and statistically elite in intercepts, metres gained and one of the highest disposal efficiency ratings at the club. Im curious why you continually keep putting a line through the captain when he is playing good footy.

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Dilf lover
Dec 15, 2020
AFL Club
North Melbourne
OMG, I literally have never paid attention to your posts.
Well technically you did because you quoted a comment that was in reply to mine.

don’t lie I’m always in your head because of the dm you sent me, I still remember hehhehehe


Team Captain
Aug 4, 2013
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Is my assessment far-fetched?

For 2022:

Goldstein gets 2 more years (2022 and
It’s always key not to lose all players in the one year and to look forward and stagger retirements accordingly have a few go each year so looking at the blokes born in 92 and earlier who will be 30plus next year (we surprisingly have quite a few in this category) we have the below and when they fall out of contract atm

89Tazout of contract - 50/50 retire vs 1 final year
90Hallout of contract - 1 year
91Ziebellout of contract - 1 year
91Campbellout of contract -delist
92J Walkerout of contract - 1 year
92AtleyFree agent
92Polec2023 (Trade Bait this year?)

from the above 9 players at years end campbell Would be gone. I’d also imagine one of Polec or Atley to another club. Tarrant up to him.

then the year after would expect Hall gone and maybe Goldy who would be 34. We need to start looking past him soon for a young ruck like Xerri who can play for a decade, and if not him we need to target someone ready to go with still 5plus years left

of the above 9 cunners is probably the only one I’d expect to be there when we challenge from 2024 onwards

Is my assessment far-fetched?

For 2022:

Goldstein gets 2 more years (2022 and 2023)
Tarrant goes around again for 2022 and if he's good again 2023.
Hall 1year contracts at a time.
Ziebell gets 2 years from here, but probably not guarenteed 2024
Cunners easily goes around 2022, 2023 and 2024
Atley is retained for 2022 but as young kids come on, he's used more for depth and we tell him that - so 2022 his final season sadly (Atu takes his spot over time)
Polec could be anything, I think hes going to have a great 2022, if he can work hard

Tom Campbell (we dont need him, we need to persist with Xeri and we have Edwards coming in)
Dom Tyson - finished
Menadue - finished
Hayden - finished

50/50 - heart torn
Garner. I mean we all know the story. Could have been anything. So talented. But how long can you keep playing this game.

I like dumont but if he wants to go home, we should facilitate this. Otherwise, i'd be very happy to keep him as this current young crop comes in.

Krakouer Bonar

Sep 29, 2020
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Sam Gibson played every game in the season he was delisted.

the Ziebull

Brownlow Medallist
Nov 14, 2010
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Before we retire any blokes (which we won't here because we are not part of the club's list management team, thank God), we should all remember that Geelong have at least 43 blokes aged over 30 running around each week and they are second on the ladder right now.
I think the point is if we were in the top 4 that would be fine to have that many over 30s

we currently have 9 players at some point this year who are 29 and over which seems high for a rebuilding team

realistically only Campbell of that 9 will likely be delisted at years end

then maybe a Atley or Polec trade also

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