Stan Sports and Nine broadcasting

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Club Legend
May 7, 2019
AFL Club
Still will be cheaper than Kayo
Especially for what you are getting (i doubt it will be $25 all up anyway).

If it's up early enough it could involve week 1 of the tennis (which might be a good soft launch; but think they may wait to fully launch for the rugby) and could see netball come on board next year. Will be exciting to see what other smaller sports join up hockey (ice and field), baseball and hopefully more rugby competitions (not just the big comps that you get on kayo).


michaelangelo is a party dude
Jul 26, 2020
AFL Club
Can already see a flaw on Stan Sport. It shows the start times in bold as AEDT even though I’m in WA. No relevance to people in QLD/SA/NT either. The local start time is lower down below the preview write up. Strange, just show the local start time full stop. Kayo shows all games as the local start times.

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