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Aug 5, 2007
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She should never have gone on this tv show.

an absolutely sad tragedy that could have been avoided
Non wrestling related rant here but there shouldn't be tv shows like this in the first place. They are absolute junk. Fake 'reality' rubbish. People thrown into a situation and stirred up and incited by producers to be provocatively annoying to each other. Absolute bull shit and never the least bit entertaining or 'real' to me.

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Aug 11, 2006
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latest is she was found by her mum, seems to be suicide via hydrogen sulfide.

Hana's number 1 fan is understandably crushed. She's too young to understand.
I hope her mum is ok if that's the case - H2S has a really high mortality rate among family and close responders because it's so lethal as a gas. It's sadly a very popular way to do it in Japan because it's so easy, and because from what I understand it's a cause of death that originally had some plausible deniability in a culture where suicide is still so taboo.

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