State of Origin State of Origin: Series XIX [2024] - Expressions of Interest

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Greetings ladies & Gentlemen,

The prestigious State of Origin series is returning once again in 2024 for Series XIX, and is set to be run over the course of July at the completion of the Sweet FA season.

Sign ups are now open. If you wish to be part of State of Origin in 2024, please fill out the below EOI form.

A few things to note before signing up:
  • This EOI is for newcomers to SoO ONLY, or for returning veterans who did not take part in the previous tournament. You do not need to sign up again if you were in last series as we carry over squads.
  • Please be honest when choosing your state, because once you have chosen that, you are stuck with it. State swapping will NOT be allowed. Once you have signed up to a state, that will be your state. NO exceptions - unless it is practical to introduce a new state team that was previously not included.
  • If you are already in a squad and wish to opt out, you will need to speak to your captain. Who will then give you an uppercut.

State of Origin Captains will be announced at a later date.

Copy this and post your answers to express interest:


Name (your BigFooty username):

Preferred State (VicC/VicM/SA/WA/QLD/TAS/NT/ALLIES/NSW-ACT/International):

Secondary State (in case first preference is not included in the competition):

Sweet FA CV/Resume (optional):


Please leave this thread for sign ups and tags ONLY.


I was born in --- but lived most of my life in ---, what state do I choose?


It is state of ORIGIN, not State of Where you live now.

That said, you still have free reign in your initial choice. However once you choose one, you will not be allowed to change. We keep the receipts.

Why can't I change states?
Because it is a representative comp that relies on people being honest. We can't exactly police which state people choose or prove whether you are honestly choosing the correct state or not, but we can enforce no team hopping.

Do I have to sign up if I played before?
If you played in the last series, no. If you did not participate, please by all means register your intent to resume hostilities.

Is this the same as regular missionary Sweet FA?
Yes, you you will have match threads to banter with your opposition. However unlike the Sweet FA, they will only run for 2-3 days before the match is played.
Name: Braklet
Preferred State: Allies
Secondary State: International
Sweet FA CV/Resume: Do you think I'm okeydoke7?
These are not expressions of interest.

This one is an expression of slightly more interest:

Then there's this one:

Hope this helps.

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As Tarkyn_24 will confirm, I've always viewed SOO to be the pinnacle of the league. As such, I would like to heartily participate in this edition of the format.

And you’ve always said that!

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Name (your BigFooty username): Gralin
Preferred State (VicC/VicM/SA/WA/QLD/TAS/NT/ALLIES/NSW-ACT/International): VicM
Secondary State (in case first preference is not included in the competition): VicC
Sweet FA CV/Resume (optional): EKA, ALL SFA
I encourage any newcomers or even semi active posters who are considering entering to give this a go
My first SoO series was what properly got me into the SFA after a few seasons as a semi active/inactive

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