News Staying: Knight says GTFO Carlton you losers, signs one more year

What will we get for Riley?

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Dec 4, 2014
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Yeah I'm fine with this, gives him the opportunity to find a role within Nicks' system, which could well happen. If he doesn't, he'll be gone by 2021 of course
Agree with your thought process
Knighta has been in no mans land for a while
I have always sensed he is a player of nurturing and confidence injection
He found that with Walshy but slid since
A 1 year Contract is a good option
See what he can do under a new coach


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Jul 2, 2008
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I like Knighta, went downhill under Pyke who entrusted his core players and a fixed game plan. Knight runs hard, finds goals and bring a passion and team approach.

We can still grab the Allens and Parrington's of this world if wanted and draft the kids.

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Sep 15, 2012
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6 x 18 year olds at the draft is enough. Up to him if he makes the cut for next year. Wish him the best. Kicked some clutch goals and showed a bit of mongrel at times so I am happy that it’s him that gets a bit of leeway.


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Aug 9, 2019
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Riley Knight is staying at the Crows after signing a one-year contract extension.
Crows list manager Justin Reid said the club was pleased to retain the South Clare and Woodville-West Torrens product.
“Riley was always keen to stay at Adelaide and we’re really pleased he’ll be at the club for at least another year,” Reid said.
“He is a popular member of our playing group and has shown he’s capable of playing good senior footy with his elite running capacity and ability to play a number of roles.
“Our new coach Matthew Nicks has spoken about ensuring a team-first mentality is a clear focus and Riley has demonstrated over the past six seasons he fits the mould.”
Knight made his AFL debut in Round 15, 2015.
His signature means there are no more Crows players without a contract for 2020.

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Mar 21, 2008
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He’s a born tagger and we don’t tag. Hopefully this will change and he’ll find his place in the team. Can kick a goal too.
If Nicks doesn’t play a tagger after seeing its success at GWS in a star studded midfield, we’ve chosen the wrong coach.

Even when we’ve played a tagger we’ve played a soft tag. Knight should be giving the preseason to show he can be our tagger. He’s not going to make it as a pure mid or forward, this is his chance.


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May 29, 2011
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We're already going to be playing lots of young guys in 2020. We need to retain people in Knight's age group or end up risking being the new Carlton. I'm okay with him getting another year but I expect the club to be doing something to reinvent this player. We can't just stay the course.


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Apr 29, 2008
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Good signing. We've lost enough players and he can play. One year doesn't lock us in very long, and he is presumably on a bargain basement salary. Good depth while we develop the youth we've already got and will add to this year. Best case scenario, he recaptures some of his earlier form and turns into a good player. Actually, scratch that. Best case scenario, he is held out of the team all year long by our superstar young players.

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