Stephen Paxman - Worth a rookie spot in 2018?


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Apr 25, 2009
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I know it might be easy for you to laugh this off and say it'll never happen, he's too old, the games gone past him blah blah etc etc.. But I have strong mail that there might be a club out there looking at bringing Stephen Paxman back to the AFL for one last year to help bolster their defensive stocks in a player-coach role. For those of you that don't remember, Stephen Paxman was a solid defender for Fitzroy and Port Adelaide, winning the John Cahill medal as the best and fairest at Port Adelaide in 1999, just 18 years ago. After retiring in 2003, I have it on good authority that Stephen has been keeping himself in great condition, in case he gets another crack at the big time.

Now, despite his age (he'll be 47 by the time he plays again), I believe there's a lot he can still offer to a club in need of some experience. Paxys' aerial defensive smash thumps were always a highlight of his play, how good would it be to see those again? Despite losing some of his speed and agility, which is to be expected at that age, Stephen has always been more of a thinking player, in that he outsmarts his opponents and gets himself in to good positions to kick goals himself. (in 2000 he kicked 6 goals in his last 13 games from fullback)

Is he worth one last shot to see if he's still got it? Which clubs would be interested?

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