Discussion Strange or Interesting AFL Photos

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Red Crow

Jul 17, 2006
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Liverpool FC, Melbourne Victory
This is strange on so many occasions

1)norf played at home at g and against the dockers.

2) at the time Clinton gybass (fox) Dennis Cometti (9) are calling together

3) and they are using Channel 10 graphics

4) no 5 min warning???

who can explain
It was a Fox game. They used the same channel 10 graphics in 2002-03 but without the 5-min warning, and Dennis would occasionally call WA team games on Fox during that era.

North hosting Freo at the G is harder to explain, but they and the Dogs did occasionally host games at the G back then. We played both of them there in the mid-00s.

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Mar 15, 2012
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Western Bulldogs
Though, thinking about it, it could be the old magoos.
Correct, the AFL reserves was called the VSFL (Victorian State Football League) between 1992 and 1994 before being renamed in 1995. With the exception of Brisbane in 1992, Sydney was the only non-Victorian side to field a team in the competition during these 3 years.

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